Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Progress in the face of douchebaggery

So we are making the daily trip to the hardware store after a quick side trip to Danver's for yummy burgers. I pull into a parking space next to a van from some recovery center here in Midtown ( what better place for recovering druggies and alcoholics?) and while I am enjoy the luscious burger, some guy says, "Excuse me MISTER, would you mind moving your truck so I can load this cement mix into the van?"
   I'll admit, I am not the most girliest of girls, but I had not realized menopause had taken such a toll. Gee whiz, I did pluck that pesky whisker from my chin last night!
   The only other thing I can think of is that getting up at 7 am and picking up the tarp the wind and rain have blown everywhere just didn't leave me enough time to put on makeup and fix my hair in a proper feminine style for all the hard working guys at the Home Depot to enjoy.
  Today the rain stopped but a cold wind was blowing. That did not deter the team here on Willett from the continuous repair of rot and sheathing replacement. I had sense to take photos and will post maybe tomorrow after the window has been replaced. Of course, I had to have my obligatory hissy fit in the morning. My son will surely be happier than I when all this is over. We were kidding today about how easy the siding installation will be when all the repairs are done. That's just holding up boards compared to all this work.

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Rayna said...

You are too funny! Douchebaggery, indeed.