Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The rains came for the last few days, so we got some time off from the outside work. I did anyway. Max has been doing fiddly things with the blue foam stuff.
  My attention was turned to the interior so I can get back to income generating. I hung insulation and covered it with luaun, then trimmed around the window with corner molding. Don't look too closely at the mitered corners. I was in a hurry and it is just my work space.

wall before insulation

completed wall (except for painting)
  In any event I am happy as a clam with the improved space. With the new energy efficient heat A/C unit and all the insulation and double paned windows, I should be toasty warm this winter and able to get lots accomplished. And the savings on the utility bill will be very welcome.


FiberAntics said...

I hope you are inspired and enthused by your new space. You go, girl!

Marilyn League said...

Thanks Veronica,
I am really looking forward to having a warm space to work in this winter. There were a few days last year that were just too cold to be in there. The siding is coming along at a good pace and fingers crossed we will have some nice days to finish up that part of the redo. The painting might wait for a bit.