Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Progress in the rain

It hasn't rained in forever, but now that there is an outdoor project, of course the skies open. And my son is probably quite annoyed with me, too, since I seem to want to do more than hold up the other end of the boards. Most likely, my bad attitude has to do with the fact I have some kind of yucky upper respiratory crud that isn't quite bad enough to make me take to my sick bed (so he could actually get something done without my kvetching) but just enough to put me in a bad temper.
We pulled off the old siding and sheathing on the last wall and founds TONS of rot ughhhh--it is so nasty. And the window is rotten too, so it will have to be replaced. It is an absolute miracle this end of the house has not fallen over a long time ago. We(meaning my son) worked under a tarp today and most likely, according to the local weather guy--Dave Brown--will have to be under it early tomorrow too.
   So, boys and girls, when all the repairs are done on the north side, and we get back to just siding, that will be a fucking piece of cake. Of course it will look totally like an awesome million dollars too. This will be the BEST Xmas gift to myself I ever had!!!!


ettam said...

I can't believe what you've undertaken. You are like...Wonder Woman!! Hurry up and get it done. We miss you.

Trish said...

Oh my gosh! I wondered if you had decided to work, rain or shine! Sorry about the crud...get some good drugs.