Thursday, May 31, 2012


There has been a brief respite from the heat of this premature summer for a couple of days, so I took advantage and cleaned up some of this wreck of a yard. There is still lots to do though, so I hope the cooler weather stays a little while longer, so I can get more cleaning done.
   The weeds were horribly overgrown and I lost many nice plants, mostly lilies, boohoo. Once I have everything cleared out, I need to decide what to put back in or just give up and start mowing it all. I am not getting any younger and this is back breaking work.
On the bright side, some plants survived quite nicely. The lavender monarda is fairly happy, as is the lace top hydranga. My lovely Siberian irises are still growing, although they did not bloom this year because of the weeds covering them. Gardening and basketball are alike in some ways-there's always next season.

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