Friday, June 15, 2012

A Very Good Week

The past few days have been full of small yet wonderful observations and events. Monday was a day spent sewing with friends, some I hadn't seen in a while. I treasure my Mondays at BFCC and seem to get a lot done despite the chatting and laughing.
 Tuesday I broke down and went to the dentist (yikes, haven't been in forever--my bad) but I turned it around to a more positive aspect of meeting new people who are interested in my well being, as far as my mouth goes anyway. Details of that visit will not be discussed here, as there was much "tsking" while the interior of the giant hole in my head was being viewed and probed with sharp objects.
  Immediately after the dentist visit ( such a nice term--visit) I scooped up my dear little grandson for a couple of fun filled days with him. We had many happy hours on Wednesday, bike riding, going to the little neighborhood park, and playing at the fire pit in the backyard here. We looked in the water garden and found a frog--a REAL frog--not just one of those obnoxious toads. This is very exciting, for me anyway. A few years ago I saw a couple of tree frogs out in the flower beds and nearly hyperventilated over that. The frog in the pond generates the same feeling, and there are two of them. The toads are here all the time and in the spring they are noisy, intrusive critters who make an incredible racket while procreating for several weeks. The frogs seem almost regal in comparison.
   My grandson has decided to name them the Noodlemans, after my brother and his dear wife. I hope they are not offended. The Noodlemans, not the frogs.
Thursday, the Sewing Guild met and fun was had by all. The program was about pockets, a favorite of mine and many other people who share my love of sewing, it seems. I did not realize till Thursday how many ways a pocket could be interpreted. Of course, lunch with gal pals followed, then shoe shopping--an excellent day!
   Today, at an early hour, I gathered my hazmat clothing and headed off with the stalwart Marion to a day of adventure in the eastern part of west Tennessee. If we went much further we'd have been in middle Tennessee. We went to see our friend Nancy, who with very little effort could solve the problems of the world. Off to pick blueberries for $7 a gallon. The field/orchard was very big and has not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides, so quite the bargain for nearly organic berries. There were some other aggressive vegetations growing there to contend with, but the wild blackberries were delicious and filled in for the lack of breakfast. About an hour and a half of picking blueberries yielded a scant gallon for me, but I am a fastidious picker it seems, going for quality not quantity. I would not be able to make a living harvesting food. Note, I am quite thin.
only the best berries for this girl

lovely sunflower and bumblebee

a REAL frog in my pond
  That is my story and I am sticking to it.
   Nancy had frozen wash cloths in the cooler for an apres berry picking pick me up--oh the shrieking of joy arising from the blueberry patch this day.
After a quick once over for ticks--ugh--we were heading to the truck stop at Parker's Crossroad for the yummy lunch buffet, which did not disappoint. Fried chicken wings, white beans, ham, greens, corn dodgers, yeast rolls and cornbread, and a wonderful chocolately dessert, washed down with half tea, half lemonade. Good day. Good week. Good life.
   Tomorrow promises to be an equally magnificent day, as the CraftB meets at Nysha's house in Somerville. Another road trip with gal pals for an afternoon of fun food and art discussion.


Bonnie said...

Sounds like a great week Marilyn. Here's wishing you many more!!!

Marilyn League said...

Thanks Bonnie,
I had an excellent week and hope to have many more.