Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today was a most unusual day for me. The ozone levels have been pretty high lately and I've noticed how much it has affected me in the last few years. I worked in the yard a little bit yesterday, before it got too hot. This morning, I decided to stay in bed and get some rest. I have had a long winter and spring working long hours on getting this house repaired, in addition to getting all my sewing deadlines done, and then several weeks of yard work after that.
 I stayed in bed til 10 am, which is something I haven't done since forever. I spent the rest of the day watching tv and catching up on Artist Trading Cards. I don't think I went outside today--omg--that is unbelievable for me.
  Anyway, I have had a pretty good week again and am looking forward to having yet another. No blueberry picking, but life is good.
 Until six months ago I wasn't dreaming at night and my days were filled with drudgery. I have always had an active dream "life" and the lack of them was disturbing for me. I am so glad to have the dreams back, even though some of them are kind of crazy. But I'd rather have them than none. That is another reason for my late rising this morning.
  My ATCs are fun and I love to come up with new ideas to interpret the themes. I belong to two trading groups, one has a firm deadline, the other is looser (whew) and the tiny artworks I receive from the other members is so much fun to look at. I keep my cards in binders and need to get a couple more to house the growing collection.
going to Graceland

JerJer is interested in what's going on

visiting the library
  The inspiration for the latest swap came from a recent purchase from an online shopping spree at European Papers. They have an excellent selection of supplies for book arts and trading cards. They also have unique items. I got one of those items, a small terra cotta gnome. He is adorable and took a little staycation with me around my yard for a half hour. Of course, I am easily amused. All this fun and I didn't have to leave my yard.

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ettam said...

I must be easily amused too, because I loved EVERY ONE of those travel cards. You are so creative and HILARIOUS!! I'm glad to be a part of it!