Thursday, July 19, 2012


Not much......the weather cooled off for a bit then heated back up. Duh...typical for here.
 I have started a couple of new art quilts and finished a couple too. One of the new ones is intended as an entry in an IQF?Cincinnati exhibit by artists belonging to certain regions of SAQA. The quilt needs a little more added to it, then quilting. The deadline is in September, so I have time to finish it, since I'm not obligated to other projects right now.
  I started a dress for me yesterday. Nothing fancy, just something to wear under a knitted tunic. I did NOT knit the tunic. It was given to me on semi permanent loan from a friend. My body double dress form is indispensable for this project, as the dress is cut on the bias and needs to hang for at least 24 hours. On the form, the bias will take on my contours, good and bad ones, and the knitted tunic seems to camouflage  most of the bad contours. I'm still debating neckline finish and need to get on with it, as that seems to be my failing with making something for myself. I get bogged down in indecision and lose interest in the project. Photos when the dress is done.

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