Sunday, July 29, 2012

Recent Acquisitions

Thursday morning, I attended the Memphis Sewing Guild board meeting. Our gracious hostess for this get together lives in Olive Branch, Mississippi, and provided the group with delicious treats to help make the business meeting seem more like a party. Which is usually the case for any of the board meetings.
  After we had thoroughly discussed everything relating to Sewing Guild (and a little that didn't) and set the schedule for upcoming programs, we went to have lunch in the Old Town section of Olive Branch. I will not expand on any opinions about that meal, except to say it was adequately filling and the company of my dining companions was most excellent.

year of the dragon

big fat bunny
The town square had many interesting shops, mostly antiques and "junque shoppes" and I wish I'd had more time to explore them. Now that I know where they are, I can always go on a different day to see what's available. I did go to the little nursery, which, sadly, is closing. Among the offerings there, I found two lovely concrete statues for my yard. I just love this stuff.


Trish said...

That dragon looks right at home!

Deborah Camp said...

Those are great Marilyn! Love the Art Card you're working on too. A friend, Connie M., may be contacting you regarding the AC.

Paula Kovarik said...

These are so unique Marilyn! I love them. Every garden needs a dragon. or a snake, or a rabbit, and a couple of frogs and a bird or two and some manikin legs and and and....