Friday, July 6, 2012

It happens every year

Summer has arrived in the Mid South, with a vengeance. Triple digit highs for the day are the rule, it seems. Anything to do outdoors needs to be done before 8 am. Lots of things are not getting done. I have walked only a couple of times this week and really need to reverse that trend.
There is a very slim chance for rain today. It has been windy this evening and cooled off a bit. I hope it rains, the plants need some water that is not from a hose.
 The upside to all the hot weather is that I have been finishing some art quilts and getting other sewing projects done. I am working on a series that uses some of my deconstructed screen prints. Maybe I will be brave and take photos of those quilts to post here. And I will soon start on the pieces I want to use for next spring's quilt show at the West Clinic gallery. Plus I got inspired to put together some "puzzle"pieces from a swap with sewing pals we did a while ago.
Last week I taught a class on making a straight skirt with five women. That was FUN!! I hope I get asked back for another class.

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Trish said...

Ugh! It is SO hot! The thought of outside exercise is revolting! Looking forward to seeing your puzzle project...I was looking at my pieces just today!