Sunday, February 7, 2016

Future food

Here's the nearly completed raised vegetable garden bed. Leaves have been piled in all fall and winter, along with newspapers. Yesterday, a couple inches of compost was spread on top. As you can see, the frame from the unused swing set fits perfectly over the bed. It will make an ideal support for wire and strings to encourage plants to grow vertically, plus an oscillating sprinkler could easily be attached to provide spot watering when conditions are dry. 
   Some plants are being started indoors, but most will be purchased from the local garden center. That makes more sense. It'll be at least six weeks before anything is ready to plant, but seeds for cool weather greens have been sown in the raised bed next to the deck. 
   I'm looking forward to being home a lot more this year and spending time in the garden and working on projects that have lately gone by the wayside. 

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