Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lunching with the peeps

This was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time. Rosebriar is an eatery way out in the boonies. The lady who lives there has theme lunches on a regular basis and has a really nice retail boutique. The Memphis Sewing Guild went there for our meeting back in October and we had a great time. 
  Lately, Rosebriar has offered "high tea" for all the Downton Abbey fans, so three of my sewing gal pals and I signed up and had a girls day out.  We dressed for the part, met at Patricia's house and piled into Etta's car for the ride out. We laughed, we ate some really delightful treats, and laughed all the way home. The lady at Rosebriar let Vanessa snap a photo-or two or seven-from her now sold out cookbook, of the lovely dishes that were served at the tea. After a bit of retail therapy at the shop, I picked up a few items at the grubbery-Kroger-and made my version of tomato bisque. Delicious!
   Tomorrow's lunch will consist of the tiny absolutely delish radish sandwich. Can't wait!!!


FiberAntics said...

I think this is a lovely photo of you.

Marilyn League said...

Thank you, V