Saturday, February 6, 2016

Okay, kids.

Having recently learned there ARE actual readers of this blog, I shall continue in this endeavor.
Today was a very good day. Work in the yard continues. Yesterday afternoon, the tree guys came to remove a dead limb that was hanging over the house. A couple days ago the wind was mighty and scared the crap out of me, because of the dead tree parts that could potentially crash through the roof into my kitchen, the heart of my home!
  The scare passed, but a phone call from the guy who had cut some tree limbs awhile back, made me think about the horror story of dead tree parts invading my home. So he came by to rid the danger of certain mayhem to my happy home.
   Then there was a big mess. But not for long. With help from the stalwart Mrs. Gleadhill, the leaves and sticks were dispatched to a lovely stick fire and raised garden bed. The driveway is swept, compost spread on the raised bed and plans made to remove another tree threatening to crash into other parts of the hovel.
    This is just another day on top of another where I feel empowered. I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could a few years ago. Yes, some days I am tempted to indulge myself in sorrow and self pitying, especially when I miss my grandson and want to second guess how I could have handled that fucked up situation any differently. But, there's no going back for useless recrimination. I decided to love myself in spite of all that has passed. Looking at an ad in the newspaper the other day, I thought I might buy myself an engagement ring! Dang!!! I spent that money on trees!!
   The next self love fest will be tomorrow afternoon at the opening of collaborations show. Some other people who love me might be there. It will be a great day anyway. Many more good and great days are ahead of me. Seeds have been sown for this year's garden. New art works are waiting to be created. Blog posts will be written for those who are interested in reading about my wonderful, simple life. I love y'all too.

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