Friday, November 26, 2010


The day after the huge feast. This day is completely different from yesterday--it's 30 degrees colder, I'm 200% fuller, the sun is shining and I'm waiting on the plumber to come back again. Old house, old pipes and the same could be said for me too (haha).
   Since I'm stuck here for who knows how long, I worked on the final online challenge quilt. The last theme is "Destination" which I think is very fitting for the final chapter. Notice how many references I make to the end of this exercise. I am very sad for the challenge to end. It has been such a rewarding experience for me to explore different techniques and put a little more of my heart into my art work. And the challenge helped me express some of the turmoil in my life this past year or so. (Lots of "ex" words too. Hmmmm....maybe I'm up for a little more exploring?)   Anyway, the quilt is mostly done, just some hand stitching left, and it seems to fit my conception of the theme in a non threatening way. Every challenge theme offered up a suggestion for the extreme in my mind. But my main goal is to keep the peace and I might have myself a personal challenge in 2011 to produce the quilts I REALLY wanted to make. At the very least I did get to think about how to make them and that was fun too.
theme of the day

veggies for poncit

noodles for poncit

a few dishes being served
  Enough of me, back to food. Every thing was yummy and there was lots of it. Bad Americans!

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