Sunday, November 28, 2010


This week, I made a milestone in my endeavor to remain reasonably healthy. I walked a total of thirty miles in the last seven days. And good thing, since I've eaten more this week than the rest of the month of November put together. These pesky winter holidays are upon us and all the well meaning folks abound, wanting us to eat their yummy food. And we feel so eager to comply, since the food IS yummy!!
  So as long as the weather cooperates, and the food fest continues, I guess I'll be walking a lot, a WHOLE LOT! I bought a nice warm sweatshirt, thermal underwear and colorful little gloves to keep me warm on these cold days.
   Anyway, I am determined to be thin and fit. Walking is the best. I love being alone with my thoughts and most days the sun is warm and invites me to come outside and wander. Thankfully I still can remember which way is home. Life is good.

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