Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy weekend

Last Friday, the group show at Wings held it's opening reception. Saturday I went to a lunch with several friends, who get together every so often to eat, chat, and share our latest projects with each other. This time the gathering was held near my neighborhood so I rode my bike. What a beautiful day it was. Fall is great here in Memphis. It makes you proud and happy that you are able to survive the heat of summer.

   On Halloween evening my husband and I went on a tour of Elmwood, the premiere graveyard of Memphis. I had never been there and was blown away with the monuments. It is also an arboraetum and bird sanctuary, so it was triple delight. 
   This coming weekend will probably be as busy. The Davies Plantation is having its annual quilt show and I have been asked to give a presentation of my art quilts. I am a nervous wreck right now, but plan on rising to the occasion.
  Sunday, I'm taking Vincent to a birthday party at Pump It Up. Never been there before either, so wish me luck.

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