Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art stuff, etc.

Today I dove headfirst into the modern age by entering a quilt show online. It was the first time for me and quite nerve wracking, I must say. Since I am not computer savvy, I'm always afraid I will spend an enormous amount of time typing in information, loading photos that I am never sure are the correct size (I still haven't figured out the whole pixel thing) then with the swift press of a button lose it all to the wasteland of the interwebs, never to be retrieved again except by some master hacker.
 It was a bit of a relief to get the confirmation emails. Now I will have my fingers crossed waiting for the news that my entry has accepted---or not.
Sunday-former salon turned into eatery

Saturday--crowds at CY Festival

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning were spent in further celebration of birthdays in September. Virgo gathering at the Levitt Shell, with friends at the Cooper Young Festival, and yummy brunch with a good friend to celebrate her birthday. Busy weekend.

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