Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day

On Labor Day I had my birthday. I am 60 years old. Many days were spent beforehand wondering what I had to show for all these years. The conclusion to this pondering is that I have many good friends. They have helped me celebrate this milestone of my life on this lovely planet and have wished me well on the journey. In the perfect world, I will return all these favors.
  Fortunately, I have very good health, and look forward to many more years, whether I like it or not.  The last few days I have had more than my fair share of resources and there are celebrations planned for the rest of the month. woohoo!
a steak followed this hunk of lettuce

on the roof top of the Madison Hotel

the smoke alarm DID NOT go off!!!

this is what 60 candles on one cake looks like
  On Friday, I'm off to St. Louis with the Noodlemans to attend the Art Fair and have an urban adventure. We are taking the Mega Bus and will be at the mercy of public transportation for three days. How socialistic!!! I have planned a side trip to Trader Joe's via Metrolink and who knows what will happen.


ettam said...

My gosh! That's a lot of candles!! I'm sure my cake with 58 candles will look totally different. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and am glad the celebration will continue!

Trish said...

60 doesn't look bad on you at all! Great fun, great pictures...and no firemen! :-)

AHR said...

You look marvelous, Marilyn! Looks like you had a stellar birthday, too. (Finally, I'm set to subscribe to your blog and I look forward to seeing more of you.)

Rakehell said...

Believe it or not - Marilyn blew all the candles out in one puff.

Angela Moore said...

Happy birthday Marilyn aka (Jamie
Lee Curtis.) You know that's what I call you. 60 your are kidding, you look absoutely beautiful.