Monday, September 10, 2012

St. Louis Art Fair

What a great trip to the midwest!! The Noodlemans and I took the Mega Bus to St. Louis on Friday morning as planned and arrived there around noon. From Union Station, we rode the Metro Link train out to Clayton. The art fair is actually held in Clayton, MO, a suburb just to the west of St. Louis.
  The hotel had my room ready early so we dumped the luggage and rode the train over to Brentwood shopping center and found the Trader Joe's after walking the Bataan death march it seemed. It was pretty warm on Friday and the humidity was awful. But being the bunch of big kids we are, we survived and bought snacks and wine for our stay.
  On the way back to the Metro Link station we found the short cut so the walk wasn't as far. There was a little Asian restaurant near the station where we had a late lunch. And it was very YUMMY!!
  Back on the train, we looked at the sky and saw the predicted thunderstorms rolling in. We got back to the hotel just in time, too. Thunder, lightening, buckets of rain, the works! The weather people on tv were reporting tornadoes in the outlying counties, kind of scary. The art fair was scheduled to open at 5 pm, but was canceled for Friday evening. Once the rain let up around 9 pm, we ventured out to a sushi place half a block away from the hotel and Mr. Noodleman ordered a roll that was served on FIRE!! Too is called the "Oh My God" roll. For good reason, I might add.
   Saturday we awoke to a perfect day to be outside. High temps in the mid 70's, sunny and breezy. Lots of beautiful things to look at and purchase. Great music.Yummy food from local eateries and the most amazing people watching two judgmental women (Mrs. Noodleman and I) could ask for.
  We took a break in the late afternoon, then went back for more art and music. Earlier we made reservations at the primo Italian joint near the hotel, so at 8 pm we were shoveling more good food into our gobs. Even though we had walked all day and a half, I think we took in way more calories than we burned off.
   Sunday we headed out to catch the Mega Bus back at Union Station. We had a little time to kill there so we got to see some of the scenery there. Back on the bus and back to the real I have to starve myself to regain my svelte figure.
Union Station interior

Jazz band on the Main Stage

Union Station exterior

Mega Bus pit stop at Boomland
   I have had one hell of a birthday celebration so far and it is not over.

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