Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back to Art for a Bit

Since the sewing has been very slow these days, I have had the opportunity to work on some of my more artistic endeavors, such as art quilts, artist trading cards, and postcards. This is a good thing.
 On Mondays, I meet up with the girlz to sew and chat. This is a wonderful activity and many of the women there are also part of other more structured groups I belong to. This is the primary place where I work on my art quilts. The community center has great lighting and big tables. Sometimes I bring my machine and other times I just bring hand work, depends on the weather.
  I haven't spent much time lately dyeing or screen printing any fabrics and really need to get my head back into that. What I've been doing lately that I enjoy is quilting with block letters and writing all sorts of words and phrases on the quilts, in addition to using other quilting designs. The look of the writing makes for an interesting texture, especially when the letters are jumbled around and you can't actually read what it says.  
  Here are the long promised photos of the quilts I made and have been a little uneasy letting the whole world see them. This is a big step for me. These were not quilted with writing. The fabric used in these was screen printed about a year ago.  I feel that I am still in that emotional place and would like to be in a different place now. I still have two more pieces that are not finished. I'll show those later on this year when they are done. They use the same printed images and have writing as the quilting design.
  Also, I will show you the recent ATC with the stamps I carved for the design on the cards. The carving is done on some stuff that is similar to eraser material. It was purchased at The Art Center, one of my favorite places. The theme this month is "What's in Your Heart?" The smaller heart is separate and is supposed to look as if it is inside the broken heart, trying to come out. The stamp for that is an eraser.
I really like the yellow/green/beige band

This one has beads on it
the red of the big heart was enhanced with colored pencil

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ettam said...

Your work is just amazing, Marilyn. It's fun to watch the creative process and I feel priviledged to know the stories behind your quilts. They are very strong statements.