Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holidaze musings

The weather has been less than wintery, but the prognosticators on the local news outlets have forecasted a drastic change in the direction of more normal temps. So I am more than happy that I have rescued the paperwhites to adorn my hovel before the frost got to them. They look lovely and their scent is sweet without being overwhelming.
  I signed up for an online journaling exercise in November that used classic rock songs as themes. The intent was to make a journal page (or at least start on one) everyday. November is National Journaling Month, according to the blog by Dawn Devries Sokol. Although I didn't get to work everyday, I did make a list of all the song titles and started on some of the pages and actually finished a few. It was great excuse to buy a fresh new sketchbook with nice paper fit for mixed media. And now I will have something different to work on for the upcoming cold and miserable winter days--like I really need another project......
   I had planned on adding photos but got the news that my storage is full???? wtf????

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