Wednesday, December 26, 2012


no fire today

Last night, it started to snow and there was a tiny accumulation around 1 am (I have insomnia, okay?). This morning when I got up for real, there was quite a bit of the white stuff on everything. Plus it was COLD all day.
 Fearing a freeze over night, I braved the elements and cleared off the windshield of my vehicle, in case I had to make a fast escape. Of course, no one's going anywhere without letting the truck warm up, but at least I made an effort towards a quick getaway. The only real traveling I did today was a block over to have lunch with a friend. Hopefully all this will be gone tomorrow, like most snow "events" in Memphis. How do those folks in the northern parts get through those long winters? They must be very brave and have my upmost respect.

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