Monday, December 10, 2012

Recent acquisition

I figured I'd better post while I can and blogger is letting me use photos.
Yesterday, I went to a couple of estate sales with my friend. One was at Cybil Sheperd's family home. It had been advertised in the local paper as having some of the actress's memorabilia as well as family heirlooms. There was a LOT of stuff, mostly nice, some not so nice. In the downstairs bedroom where two pink chairs.
bathroom wallpaper at another house

all the doors were like this

My perfect chair
 I have thinking lately about getting a chair for my bedroom, but it would have to be small and in my mind, have the ability to swivel and roll. That chair was perfect. I couldn't believe my good luck in finding it, as I figured it would take a massive hunt to thrift stores and consignment shops to find such a creature.  Yes, it is pink and I am NOT a pink kinda girl, but that chair has everything else going for it. And the Liberty print quilt tones it down a bit.
  The two top photos are from another house we went to. All the doors in that house were pointy even the closet doors. The wallpaper throughout was original from the late 50's or early 60's. It was a strange house.
   Someday I will learn how to arrange the text with the proper pictures.

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ettam said...

That poodle wallpaper reminds me of the wallpaper in Elvis's mother's bathroom in Graceland. What a hoot!