Friday, December 21, 2012

Still here

The Mayans were either wrong or their math was flawed or who knows what all the calendar hooey was about or the world will end tomorrow morning.
   In any event, the solstice has arrived and, to honor that moment in time, I was outside at 5:12am Central time, watching flames on a tiki torch. Later today, I will have a proper fire with all the ceremonial accoutrement--holly branches, acorns, and notes to burn, to welcome the lengthening days and chase away the bad juju accumulated over the last 6 months. I upgraded to a better fire pit last week, so Vincent and I did a test run on it the other day. It was a raging success. The new pit is round and has an open top, which can be covered with a screen to prevent sparks from escaping. The chimnea I was using did a fine job for the last few years but I felt limited in flame viewing. You had to look at the fire through those holes. Now, it's kind of like surround sound for fire. Plus it holds way more sticks that the chimnea. All the wind we had yesterday knocked plenty out of the trees, so I can replenish my stick pile with a fresh batch of fuel for upcoming fires this winter. New Year's Eve would be an excellent occasion.

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