Monday, March 4, 2013

Gold stuff

This is how one makes an adornment with gold braid.  First you make a template on paper and tape it to half inch thick foam board. Get a big box of pins, some glue and a few hours of uninterrupted time .
 After much fiddling and maneuvering around all those pins, a shape begins to form, held together with stitching. I like to use a long, fine needle and a double strand of regular sewing thread.
 The paper tape is used to seal and secure the ends of the cord, which ravels like crazy. The popsicle stick has multiple uses. It makes a great glue spreader as well as a shuttle device to persuade the cords to cross under themselves.
Finished product. The ends are trimmed and glued together under the middle crossover. The first one I made had three strands of cord and looked skimpy. The upper adornment, made with four strands is much nicer. I will use the other one, so my time and supplies are not going to be wasted. I made another four strand piece and two small circular shapes (photos in the next installment) and used almost 5 yards of cord.


ettam said...

Very nice! That's a lot of pins. These look perfect for a uniform. Is that the idea?

Trish said...

Having seen these in person, I can say they are just fabulous, and I am so in awe of your skill!