Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Get away

On Monday and Tuesday, I was in Little Rock, Arkansas. Sarah Blackburn, who is connected with West Clinic's cancer support foundation, Wings, invited me to come with her to attend the Arkansas Cancer Coalition symposium.
  We were guest speakers and presented a show of art quilts to the attendees of the symposium, as well. Everyone enjoyed the exhibit and I think we raised awareness of fiber as a legitimate artistic  medium. The quilts will also be shown at the West Clinic's gallery in late April.
  The hotel was located on the north bank of the Arkansas River which has lovely views of downtown Little Rock. It is also in walking distance of the Clinton Presidential Center. We spent a couple of hours there before returning to Memphis and the real world.
Clinton Center

In the Oval Office
   It was good to have a small break from the daily grind and meet lots of new people. I'm hoping being in the same room with all those big brains rubbed off some smart on me.

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