Saturday, March 2, 2013

Luddite Tendencies

Since I have taken on the "job" of being the communications person for MACA, there has not been time for my own blog.
 The group emailing part is okay, because I did some of that before, when I was president. The Facebook page is quirky at best and nearly impossible to fathom due to all the random changes those geeks over there pull out of their collective glitter factories. The website for the arts group is difficult to manage, especially with my meager technological skills. I knew it would be a learning experience, but the only thing I've learned so far is that I am not very good at this stuff. UGH!
   At least my sewing has taken my mind away from my failings in the computer venue. The projects demanding my attention are varied and interesting and a much better use of my talents. I can only hope that with continued practice and persistence, technology will someday be my friend, too. 
  As soon as I find a minute to get the pictures off my camera, I will post photos of what I do best.

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