Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Gold Stuff

 These buttons came from M&J Trimming Co. It.s a highly recommended store that some of my sewing pals visited in NYC. I ordered the buttons online and got very prompt service. The only problem was they were not quite gold enough. So I decided to paint them. First I put a little white paint on the antique gold colored bullion thread that was used to embroider the  fleur de lis motif, kind of like a primer coat.

I finished with a couple of coats of gold paint. They turned out much better than I had expected. Good thing as I didn't get any extra buttons to practice on. I used the more expensive paints instead of craft paint because Golden paint has more pigment in its formula. I had to paint very carefully so as not to mess up the velvet base the embroidery is on.

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