Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another day in Hermitville

More days than not, I realize how lucky and happy I am to be here in the world at this time. Of course, this is mainly due to the happenstance of my birth, to be on this side of this lovely planet, living my lower middle class life in a safe neighborhood, with enough financial resources to keep me fed and a decent roof over my head. None of that has escaped me. All that said, I am awakened everyday with the joyous feeling of meeting life head on, in the way I want to see the particular day ahead of me. 
  This glorious morning I dived into another yard project. For the last few months, I've wanted to redo the shady side of the front yard and was able to chance upon some well priced plants at the end of the season late last fall. My boss called me early to free me from my duties so I armed myself with garden tools and dug up the monkey grass and vinca minor from the front yard. There was wisteria and ivy to battle as well.
   I can't do any deep digging until I know exactly where the jonquils and may apples are, but I was able to rid the surface of most of the ground covers and tomorrow I will cover the almost bare areas with crushed leaves to smother any regrowth. I'll be putting in azaleas, hydrangeas, and maybe camillias in the cleared space. More research needs to be done on the placement of the camillias. There's room for hostas and ferns too. The holly and autumn ferns will go in. The other ones in my yard have been stalwart plantings for the most part, evergreen and hardy growing.
   The compost and rotted leaves will provide some lovely filth too. The raised bed for veggies is coming along and needs a lot of dirty top it off. 
   There's still February to get through, I know. Ice and snow are possible and freezing temps are forecast next week. But I'm getting a jump on the hard work during these nice days and feel recharged being in the sunshine for a few hours. 
  Next weekend is the opening of the Collaborations show, which is going to be very exciting! The art work I've done with Michele has turned out great and I'm happy with it and happy to have spent the time and energy creating it. I probably won't be able to finish the solo piece I wanted to show, but I really don't want to rush it. It needs to be a well created, fine work of art, so I won't push myself and risk messing it up.

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