Thursday, January 14, 2016

Technology in the new year

For the last few months, I've been itching to have a new gadget of some sort. I knew I couldn't afford the MacBook of my dreams, so I found this lightweight PC at Office Max while shopping for ink pens. WHAT?? Yes, I came home with HP Stream-the Chromebook killer-for around $230. It's blue, my favorite color and has Windows 10. It also has an internal mouse, which I hate and my next purchase will be a wireless mouse!!!
   My son told me Windows 10 was not of the devil so I decided to give it a try for the reasonable cost of the machine. Of course, I will never give up my other laptop with 7 until the terrible day Microsoft no longer supports that operating system. That machine is full of documents and photos and runs so sloooowwww I only go in there when I absolutely have to. So many files for banking, taxes, insurance, knows all my scanning and printing preferences. It's my friend who's been with me through the hard times and the old days of learning the world of computering.
    I wrote my first blog posts there....good times. Now, hardly anyone reads my blog, yet I can't give it up. I bared my private moments, as much as I dared. Maybe everyone tired of the constant photos and stories of my yard projects. How could that be!!! My yard and garden are awesome! Maybe, I didn't post enough of my artistic adventures. Well, the divorce and need for making a living got in the way of that fun!
    So, here I am, with the new machine. Yes, I'll still use the other PC laptop and yes, I'm still totally enamored of the Ipad, my go to machine, as long as I have wifi. But this new machine, so blue, so fresh, so devoid of crap, oh so sweet. Weighs almost nothing. And did I say it's blue? My favorite color?
    The next time I'm here there will be a wireless mouse because I HATE this swirly, fingery pad!



Trish said...

Love the blue! Happy blogging!

Chuck Leamon said...

No, there are readers. 'tho I don't comment often enough. Keep it up!