Friday, August 5, 2016

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The inspiration for new artwork
I was reminded to tend to this blog by a good friend, so here I am, Deborah!!
   Yes, a lot has happened since my last post, good things mostly, a few crazy things, nothing too awful. 
The soft opening of summer has become nearly intolerable heat for weeks on end, accompanied by the usual Mid South humidity along with pop up afternoon showers and excessive heat warnings, from the National Weather Service. My yard has gone to hell, due to the heat and my lack of stamina to be out in it! On the other hand, sewing is coming along quite nicely, as I sit in air conditioned comfort. I have the utility bill to prove it.....
   Some of this sewing is being directed at a new art piece for an upcoming show. It's a group show with other artists from Tennessee Craft-Southwest,(, August 26-27, at Crosstown Arts, one of the most eclectic venues in town. In an effort to showcase local talent, the price for the space is VERY reasonable, and attendance is usually pretty good, especially opening nights. Some of my artist friends have been in exhibits there the last few years and I am quite proud and happy to have my work showing there.
   The crazy stuff involved a couple personal relationships, and I don't want to air any dirty laundry here. My peace of mind is much better for dealing as I have, with these certain people, although closure is far away. Right now, I'm okay with letting it ride.
    The best thing is the continuing romance with the sweet man I met last spring. He's just about everything I've wanted in a relationship. We are very well suited for each other in so many ways--we are good friends to each other. We like a lot of the same types of entertainment and thank goodness we are both easily amused! The lovin' is great, too, but that's for my secret diary, not the internet. We guard our privacy, being oldsters as we are. None of this putting EVERYTHING into public domain like a lot of younger folk are wont to do.
  I think the best aspect of being part of this couple is the relaxed attitude of us. We keep our private spaces to ourselves and are very together when we are not apart. Perfect for someone my age, after so many years of trying to keep a relationship going, when I should have moved on. But things happen when they do for whatever reason. Like going to lunch at Pho Binh that day.....
   Okay, that's it---I've told my story in the vaguest way possible. I can say I got what I asked for a few years ago---a dull and boring life!!

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Anonymous said...

You need to keep up with your blogging.....! Yours is interesting and also very well written!! Deborah