Monday, August 22, 2016

Crosstown 'Clectic

The group show and sale is this weekend and I think I'm ready.....I have a really great new piece to show in the gallery section, and am getting the rest of the work together, mostly older pieces that I really like. I'm not expecting any sales and it will be good to have my work shown. It's been a while. The little quilt I made for the Beatle's book finally came back, with the label that was made, plus a list of all the places it has been exhibited. I decided to bring all that plus some of the other pieces I've made over the years that were published in different books and magazines, along with the publications. Maybe I'll get a little street cred! Hahaha
    The biggest thing I hope comes out of this show is to get inspired to make more art. I've let that side of life go by the wayside for too long. Of course, I still have obligations and bills to pay. My yard is a complete wreck, as well. My life is so very different from what it was three years ago. I'm no longer depressed and anxious. I know things can be the way I want them to be, to the degree anyone of my social and financial standing can have anyway.....
.....anyway.....the rest of this week needs to be spent sorting, making tags, and maybe a dress rehearsal of the table set up, to work out any kinks. The best part is, the venue is only blocks from the house. It's in the up and coming new arts district and the group has been plugging it on social media like mother fuckers! If I remember, I'll take photos to post here. 
   My birthday is coming up soon, too. At one point, I thought of throwing a party, but then I've had to pay property taxes and insurance on top of the regular bills, so maybe next year. At least I'll have somewhere to live. That's one of the things that I can make happen and feels pretty good, considering it was the main thing I was depressed and anxious about three years ago.

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