Monday, August 29, 2016

Upcoming birthday musings

Oh dear, the days go by so quickly! Another anniversary of my birth is looming on the horizon.
  Such a lovely weekend, what with the art show and basking in all that glory of seeing friends and various others telling me how wonderfully creative I am. Almost an altered state, maybe a "high" of sorts.
Spent most of Sunday afternoon sorting art from the public display to its return to closets and walls in the hovel. Sunday evening, well spent, resting with compadre. 
 Monday, indulging myself in laughing and sharing creative conversation with trusted friends. Sometimes, Monday is the best day I can think of.
 Now, I'm thinking of the few days ahead, anticipating a small celebration for my birthday. At one point, I envisioned a grand party, but thought better of it. Since my special day almost always falls on the national holiday honoring those who actually work for a living, and nearly everyone has made plans for otherwise activities, I decided to forgo such nonsense. 
  I have outlived my father by a year and I pray to whatever is out in the universe that I will come close to living as long and productively as my dear departed mother, rest their souls. 
    Two sisters have gone before me in not so many more years as I have been celebrating my time on our lovely planet. I have thrown away all the pills and potions prescribed to me in an effort to ease the troubles of this modern life. I have pretty good hair and skin at this day and age. I have an attentive lover who appreciates the time and energy I can share with him. 
  Yes, I could complain about nit picky details......plenty of that...but why waste precious energy?  
We'll see how the next few days play out and hopefully the following post will be of a most happy day full of stories of how I celebrated my 64th birthday. 
Maybe I'll just stay home and listen to Beatles songs all day, then go to eatery around the corner for super girly martinis! In any event, there will be photos!!!


JustChux said...

Happy (upcoming) birthday!

Marilyn League said...

Thanks, Chuck!

FiberAntics said...

You'll be here for a long time to come. You have too many projects to make and art to create!