Thursday, June 17, 2010

And more digging

We were blessed with rain last night and cursed with a 4 hour power outage. I went to the book store while the power was out and upon leaving the store saw a rainbow. Wow, I hadn't seen one in seemingly forever and it was so beautiful. It was a big one too with a fainter rainbow to the side. A few other people were just standing there looking at it. It was a very nice moment. I need a lot more of those.
 Okay back to the dirt. All references to dirt in this post can be interchanged with mud, you know, because it rained last night. Dirt becomes very very heavy when mixed with water. And makes an even bigger mess than usual. But there is noticeable progress on the hole. Plans are shaping up for the solstice. I need to find the time for the solstice and I decided to burn a couple of effigies. Don't care if it's customary, I just want to get some s**t out of my system.
If the weather cooperates I'll be digging again this evening. The grindstone is calling for my nose so I need to work a bit this afternoon. At least that is an indoor under the AC activity.

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