Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another day in the country

On Monday, I went with my good friend Marion to Lexington to visit another good friend, Nancy. We had a lovely greasy lunch at Bailey's Truck Stop--fried pork chops with the perfect amount of black pepper in the breading--yummy. On the way back we stopped for tomatoes at the "tomato lady's" house. She is Mennonite and her children are lovely. The tomatoes were picked that morning and were warm and full of juice, red and ripe and smelled like tomatoes!! Nancy whipped out her food mill upon our return and proceeded to make juice.
  We had such a wonderful relaxing day and the 4 hours drive to and from seemed like a trip around the block. Good friends, good chat, good food. Life is good! Nancy is very dedicated to her lifestyle and I admire her for that. These are some of her canned goods. The onions are on a drying table her husband constructed. They will soon be twisted into a string of onions and I know they will be as beautiful as they are useful.


Trish said...

Those tomatoes look fabulous! What a fun trip and visit!

etta said...

Yumm. Good friends really do make life richer.