Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice 2010

The outdoor room is finished enough to have a small fire in the broken chimnea, but I decided to go with 12 candles instead for a low key celebration. I did burn the effigies but feel it might be too personal a thing to share with the world wide web. And I did that at 1 am hoping to coincide with the festivities at Stonehenge. Also lit candles at 6:28am local time and said a few words to the earth. According to my meager research on solstice activities, this is the time for renewal of spirit and to release the sadness, fear and pain from your life. I might need more than one day for that!
  Oh there are two nice chairs out here too. I just didn't get them out of the truck before I took this photo, maybe sometime in the future I'll get a shot of them in the space. I am completely exhausted from digging and have lost a few more pounds from all the exercise. Now I feel I have an excuse to eat something yummy that's probably not very good for me. 
   There's still a huge pile of dirt encrusted roots that need to be done away with. May have to pitch it all and not worry about keeping the dirt. But not today. The grindstone and the laundry are calling for my undivided attention.


etta said...

Wow! You've been working hard. It looks like a great get-away space. I should have guessed that burning something was involved! I really like the new blog layout, too!

Trish said...

This 'new' area looks great! I see you kept some of the dreaded a tub! Way to go.