Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The heat is absolutely brutal, so my digging is limited to a couple of hours in the morning and I spent a couple more this evening when the sun was off the spot where the hole is. I took a photo this morning but couldn't really tell any difference. Mostly I'm sifting the roots out of the dirt--no point in putting them back in the ground, eh? The biggest question I have is do I have to sift out the root hairs, you know the scraggly bits that hang off the main part of the bamboo roots? They break off and I wonder if they are viable even though they have dried out. There is a good sized pile of the bigger parts of the roots on the curb right now. Tomorrow it should be bigger. YES!
 I went online to check out any advice for the root hairs, but only found stuff about the rhizome not going back in the ground. I'm sure I'll have survivors coming up next spring even though I dug and pulled the runners as far as I could. I will have to be diligent about cutting them down. But that will be a project for next spring. The solstice is Monday so I will be shoveling dirt for the rest of this week. Even if I don't get the gravel at least I should have the hole filled in by then. Next post will have photos of the progress.

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Park Girl said...

I have a friend that took a syringe and injected round up in each stalk. It worked!