Friday, March 11, 2011

A break from sewing stuff

I do hope everyone is enjoying the progress of the graduation dress and there will be many more posts on that subject. In fact, I have started on another dress and that will be shown soon.
 On other fronts, I went to a fantastic lunch out in the country last Saturday and have a photo to share of the lovely, delightful and tasty dessert. Everything dessert ought to be!
  The weekend before I took my grandson to visit the Noodlemans. A wonderfully pleasant day with family, also as it should be.
  Thursday was Memphis Sewing Guild meeting and lunch afterwards. The program was a challenge with projects made from a not so attractive fabric. Lots of fun. If you google Memphis Sewing Guild you can see what we did. The outfit for the Boykin Spaniel was hilarious. I'd send the link but have not yet mastered that aspect of computer science.
sorbet, homemade cake and berries!!
   Tomorrow, I'm attending a workshop on making a wall hanging from a favorite photograph. I've had the photograph since 2007 (when I went to Southern California) and dyed fabric to make it with, so now I can get some professional help to bring this project to reality. Looking forward to a day with sewing friends. Then after that, go pick up Mr. Man for a grandma sleepover and bike riding fun. The weather has been extremely cooperative and walking mileages are looking good for March. Anything will be better than the dismal numbers from the last two months.

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