Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The weather has been glorious and very conducive to walking. My pedometer has logged nearly 60 miles this month. I have walked to the post office two days this week and although it is not more than two miles round trip, it is a good walk and I feel I have accomplished a practical task and got my exercise too. I am such a Lutheran!
  Saturday I went to the daffodil show at Dixon Garden and Gallery. Lots of spring blooming flowers. The tulips were beautiful and I got some info on how to identify jonquils, daffodils and narcissi that inhabit my yard.
  I have been so busy with sewing I have little time for my garden. This seems to happen every year. When I am not so busy, the summer heat comes and I am less inclined to work in the yard.
  Progress is being made on the graduation dresses and the carnival costumes, too. Photos in next posting.

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