Saturday, March 5, 2011


Yesterday was a very productive day, sewing wise. Finished the loop design on the skirt and started putting the sleeves into the bodice of the graduation dress currently under construction. The sleeves are attached to the bodice with entredeaux. The photos will give a quick tutorial on putting an heirloom garment together with that stuff. I've used the entredeaux to attach the sleeves and also to attach lace edging to the neck line. Most of the other seams have been joined with lace insertion. That gives a fairly strong construction join but the entredeaux is very strong and is good for a seam where strength is important, such as the sleeves to the bodice.
Stitched along edge of "holes"

extra fabric trimmed away

zigzag along trimmed edge to finish

Insertion and edging sewn together with zigzag stitch

lace sewn to beading then attached to sleeve

sleeve sewn to other edge of entredeaux in same manner as before
  The lace on the lower edge of the sleeve is a combination of two laces which have been zigzagged together. Ribbon will be woven through the holes in the beading--the lace that is between the sleeve and the edging. When the ribbon is pulled up, the sleeve will be slightly gathered by the adjustment.
  There are other photos and if anyone needs further elaboration, I will post them upon request.

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Trish said...

These sleeves are beautiful! This makes such an interesting garment with the entredeaux in the seams! I really want to try to do this for just looks so cool!