Monday, March 14, 2011

The other graduation dress

There are three dresses in progress at this point in time. A lot of the construction techniques are the same from dress to dress but some of the details vary. On this dress I am using an old dresser scarf for the bodice embellishment. Some of the elements on the scarf are very fragile and I have tried to avoid using them.
The muslin has been fitted and cut apart to make the pattern, which has been in turn cut from Swiss batiste. The lace edges were removed from the scarf and the remaining piece has been basted (by hand,ugh) onto the front bodice. Note it is flat but darts will have to be sewn in to form it into a three dimensional object. The darts are basted in then the rest of the lace is secured to the front bodice by draping it over the edge of the table. The resulting edges will be eased in when the lace is machine sewed to the batiste, which will be trimmed away.
  This took a lot of planning, so if anybody I have been around for the last few weeks thought I looked spaced out, this is the reason. I think about this stuff while walking, driving, drinking coffee, drinking wine, drinking beer, watching tv, taking a shower, taking a c**p, reading the newspaper, reading a magazine. Whatever.
one edge trimmed away
basted while flat
becoming 3D
a little out of sequence, bodice draped over table edge
  If you have any questions, just ask.

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fifima said...

It's fifi....
I'm blown away with what your doing with lace!!!
You're amazing, gurl!!!!

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