Monday, August 29, 2011

Bizzy weekend

This past weekend we had a wonderful surprise--Vincent came for a short visit. Oh I miss that child!! He has lost his first tooth and seems to be doing well in the 1st grade at his new school. We rode bikes and played at the park, then we had to take that long drive back to where he's living waayyy out in the country. Maybe he can stay longer on the next break from school.
  His big sister, Olivia, has completed her first week as a college freshman. YAY! We have survived for the most part. YAY!
  Here are photos from Thursday's outing to the country.
the cows are coming home

  Today, I am judging quilts at the regional fair, and that should be fun since I am such a judgmental person (according to a certain other person) hahaha.

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