Monday, August 15, 2011

Fan photos

the shy & retiring Mrs. Smith


Hey kids, here are the pictures of the sewing guild workshop from last Thursday. They all started out as plain white cotton fans from Dharma Trading and were transformed before our very eyes into wonderful works of art that also serve a useful function in these parts. No menopausal woman in her right mind goes out of the house without a personal cooling device!


Trish said...


Marilyn said...

You looked so demure in the photo I couldn't resist.

FiberAntics said...

What a "cool" idea! What did you use to surface embellish? Dyes, paints, markers...?? Now I have to go and visit Dharma.

Marilyn said...

Veronica, we used all those things. Dyne a Flow paints, Crayola Fabric markers-which are surprisingly good for the price-even ball point pens. The dragon fan was done with the markers and the colors did not bleed when she painted in the background.