Saturday, August 6, 2011


The delivery/installers FINALLY showed up and now I have cool and quiet air in my sewing space. I did not realize how noisy the old AC was until today. Besides the mold spewing disease from that old appliance, I'm surprised I have not experienced profound hearing loss. OMG I'm lucky to be alive!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
While waiting for the guys to put in the AC I played around with my body double. I had to cut it apart again, but decided to put it over one of the three dress forms I have collected ( I can smell an episode of "Hoarders" now) and I am very happy that I made such an executive decision.
I have a nice blouse from two summers ago (cue "Hoarders) that is WAAAYY too big, but I did love wearing that blouse, and I used the improved dress form setup to fit and alter it. Now when I get my sewing room back to an operational place (Monday afternoon), I can sew said shirt and continue to love wearing it. It is white seersucker, the perfect fabric for Memphis summers and once it is smaller and has been through a soaking in Oxyclean--my new favorite cleaning agent--and a wash cycle, I will feel like a million dollars in that shirt.

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