Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Photo ops

Finally got around to getting these pics off my camera and into computer. Yesterday, the AC in my sewing room finally gave it up after thirty years and I had to find a replacement. My fingers are crossed for a timely delivery of said new appliance, as the predicted temperature today is 104 degrees F. Yikes!

close up of foiling detail
  Working in the sewing room is tolerable, especially in the morning, but far from comfortable once the afternoon arrives. Fortunately I have nothing pressing on my schedule, so I may turn my attention to sketching in another part of the house. Or maybe--just maybe--a little housework. NAH!!!
   Here's the latest little quilt in the series I've been working on. It's called NOTHING-STOPS-LOVE which can be interpreted in so many ways. Take your pick.


Trish said...

I really like this! Love those hands...and hope to see that wonderful foiling in person--very cool!

FiberAntics said...

Beautiful combination of hand and machine stitches!