Thursday, December 13, 2007

holiday photo

For the last 15 years we have sent out silly cards at the holidays. Here's the picture from the 2007 card. The caption read, "Peace on Earth from your favorite urban sophisticates."

As I was looking back on past cards I realized how FAT we are getting and don't know how much longer we can continue doing this. Future photos are likely to be quite sad and disturbing. Our friends may not send cards to us in hopes of not receiving any from us.
The quilt in the background has a tiny Elvis in one of the windows--maybe you can see him.

Monday, December 10, 2007


None of my little quilts sold at the Artist market this weekend, but it was fun to be involved with the gallery. I have started on a series of small wallhangings that are cityscapes. I will post photos of them when they get finished. I made a similar one last year and really liked it. Someone else did too because it sold at a show and I've been wanting to make another one or two since then.
Working in a series used to never appeal to me--I mean, who wants to make the same thing over and over--but I thought I'd give it a whirl when I had all that discharged fabric. It's been interesting to explore design options, but I'll probably never have number #75 of anything--I mean, who wants to make the same thing over and over.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Artist Market

The West Clinic --a local cancer treatment hospital--is having an artist market this weekend. Three little wallhangings and some mixed media brooches were accepted into the market. here are photos of the wallhangings. Painted sticks will accompany them but are not pictured because the pait is still wet!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Journal Quilt

Now that I have a blog I can show my quilt from the Quilt Festival in Houston this fall. Also here's the photo that inspired it. Yes I know---- the quilt isn't finished in this photo and for some reason I never took a picture of the finished quilt. But it did go to Houston and a friend took a picture there.
Anyway it was exciting to be part of the Journal Quilt Project, especially since this was the final installment. I felt honored to be in the company of all the great artists who also participated

Think I've Got it

The wording for my artist's statement for the Form Not Function show has gelled in my brain, although it's not one of those crazy statements that make you say, "WHAT?" when you read it. I really love those. They remind me of the food critic in my local newspaper who wrote the wierdest wine columns--it was like he dropped acid before a tasting. His favorite descriptors were damp saddles and forest floors. I always wondered which side of the saddle he was referring to. I'm sorry, but I would not drink a wine reminiscent of a horse's back or it's rider's sweaty rear end!
Okay so that's my thought for the day, lalalalala.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

photo op

Hurray!! It was easier than I thought. This is the quilt chosen to go to the Form, Not Function art quilt exhibit.

AQS Challenge

Nine people have expressed interest in being part of the Ultimate Guild Challenge. Yeah!!!!! The theme is "My Checkered Past" and the resulting quilt must be a self portrait and have a checkerboard somewhere in the design. I have the idea for my entry whirling around in my head and hope to incorporate it into my "Color Fiction" series. The challenge will be fun (I think, anyway) and I'm hoping I'll be able to encourage all those who signed up to complete their quilts, too.
My big thing this week, besides finishing a pile of "work" work, is to write the artist's statement for the Form, Not Function entry. I don't know if I can dredge up enough b---s--- to fill a page, though. If I can remember how to do it, I'l post a photo of the quilt I'm entering.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fabrics that I discharged, my birthday present to myself

Hello World

I have been formally dragged into the 21st century with this blog. I promise to not update the world with the minutae of my day, mainly I will show you what I'm doing with my art or posting pictures of stuff I think is interesting.