Saturday, October 21, 2017

Front yard redo

For the last several months, I've been wanting to make my front yard-the sunnier side anyway- more restrained. Today was the day to begin. The shady side is lovely, with ferns, azaleas and hydrangeas growing gloriously.
   Monkey grass has ruled the other side like a thug!! So this morning, war was declared!! I got my weapons and had at it. There were a few stalwart plants that had been hanging on under the weeds. I was very surprised. Now they will have a better chance to get some sun and nutrients. The leaf mold was actually good and the dirt was loose.
   I got about a third of the monkey grass cleared out and will have to wait till I get back from my trip west to finish. Hopefully, there won't be a big freeze while I'm gone and I can get some of the perennials I've been cultivating into the ground so next spring will have a jump start for a much better looking yard.
   I don't want to dig too deep, because there are a lot of jonquils lurking beneath the surface and I need to know where they are.
   This yard has been in progress for 20 years or so. Maybe I'll be progressing with it for another 20 years. 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My wonderfully boring life!

    Last week was busy for me. Dinner with pals at a very fine dining establishment on Monday. The next evening, Tuesday, I gave a presentation on journal quilts, which was well received, I hope...all the guild members present where quiet during my talk, or should I say blathering. I do enjoy my series of journal quilts and feel like I have a fairly decent body of work that tells parts of my story.
    Then there was all the regular stuff- BFCC on Monday morning, dental appointment Tuesday afternoon, checking on friend's house all week, fulfilling other obligations and duties, too.
    The weather has been perfect the last few days, so I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday in my yard. I got a lot accomplished, planting, digging out crap. Sadly, my favorite little shovel broke while trying to dig up a rotted tree stump. There's a backup shovel in the truck, but I hesitate to take it out, because one never knows when one will have to bury up something......