Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shield maiden

Many photos were taken today. Few were acceptable to my eyes, since I am not the most photogenic person in the world, a trait I inherited from my dear mother. There was one in particular that looked how I feel about myself. Happy, smiling, sure of myself. Not to say I have any reservations of my place in the world, because I am so glad to be here on our beautiful planet and wake up every morning with a song in my heart. 
  Here's the big but. Yes, I was cute as a child in the Campbell soup kind of way, and a super groovy skinny, straight haired hippy girl teenager, but now, as an older lady-cough, cough-I'm less secure of my looks. Whenever I see a photo, I cringe a little. Time and life has taken its toll, as it should when one has lived fully. Vanity is an ever present evil and presents itself in the camera's eye.
   Long ago, one could instruct the painter of your portrait to make a better presentation of your image to posterity. Oh no, not now!! Cameras on phones, the security videos in every place of business, all there to catch you at your less graceful moment. 
  That being said, there were a few pictures that I deemed less awful than the others.

Lunching with the peeps

This was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time. Rosebriar is an eatery way out in the boonies. The lady who lives there has theme lunches on a regular basis and has a really nice retail boutique. The Memphis Sewing Guild went there for our meeting back in October and we had a great time. 
  Lately, Rosebriar has offered "high tea" for all the Downton Abbey fans, so three of my sewing gal pals and I signed up and had a girls day out.  We dressed for the part, met at Patricia's house and piled into Etta's car for the ride out. We laughed, we ate some really delightful treats, and laughed all the way home. The lady at Rosebriar let Vanessa snap a photo-or two or seven-from her now sold out cookbook, of the lovely dishes that were served at the tea. After a bit of retail therapy at the shop, I picked up a few items at the grubbery-Kroger-and made my version of tomato bisque. Delicious!
   Tomorrow's lunch will consist of the tiny absolutely delish radish sandwich. Can't wait!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Art show again

This is Michele and me in front of our work at the show. 

Art show

On February 7, the Tennessee Craft-Southwest Collaborations show opened. My partner this year is Michele Price, an super talented potter who makes hand built plates, bowls and vessels. Michele made the ceramic pieces and I finished them with fiber bits. It was so much fun and was a creative stretch for both of us. Plus, the resulting art is fantastic! 
   My friends from all walks of life came by, my son and daughter in law, and the Noodlemans, too. It was a great afternoon. The show will be up till the end of the month and fingers are crossed for sales!! This is just one of the pieces Michele and I made. It's my favorite.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Future food

Here's the nearly completed raised vegetable garden bed. Leaves have been piled in all fall and winter, along with newspapers. Yesterday, a couple inches of compost was spread on top. As you can see, the frame from the unused swing set fits perfectly over the bed. It will make an ideal support for wire and strings to encourage plants to grow vertically, plus an oscillating sprinkler could easily be attached to provide spot watering when conditions are dry. 
   Some plants are being started indoors, but most will be purchased from the local garden center. That makes more sense. It'll be at least six weeks before anything is ready to plant, but seeds for cool weather greens have been sown in the raised bed next to the deck. 
   I'm looking forward to being home a lot more this year and spending time in the garden and working on projects that have lately gone by the wayside. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Okay, kids.

Having recently learned there ARE actual readers of this blog, I shall continue in this endeavor.
Today was a very good day. Work in the yard continues. Yesterday afternoon, the tree guys came to remove a dead limb that was hanging over the house. A couple days ago the wind was mighty and scared the crap out of me, because of the dead tree parts that could potentially crash through the roof into my kitchen, the heart of my home!
  The scare passed, but a phone call from the guy who had cut some tree limbs awhile back, made me think about the horror story of dead tree parts invading my home. So he came by to rid the danger of certain mayhem to my happy home.
   Then there was a big mess. But not for long. With help from the stalwart Mrs. Gleadhill, the leaves and sticks were dispatched to a lovely stick fire and raised garden bed. The driveway is swept, compost spread on the raised bed and plans made to remove another tree threatening to crash into other parts of the hovel.
    This is just another day on top of another where I feel empowered. I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could a few years ago. Yes, some days I am tempted to indulge myself in sorrow and self pitying, especially when I miss my grandson and want to second guess how I could have handled that fucked up situation any differently. But, there's no going back for useless recrimination. I decided to love myself in spite of all that has passed. Looking at an ad in the newspaper the other day, I thought I might buy myself an engagement ring! Dang!!! I spent that money on trees!!
   The next self love fest will be tomorrow afternoon at the opening of collaborations show. Some other people who love me might be there. It will be a great day anyway. Many more good and great days are ahead of me. Seeds have been sown for this year's garden. New art works are waiting to be created. Blog posts will be written for those who are interested in reading about my wonderful, simple life. I love y'all too.