Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabrics and such

I lied about the fabrics from last Friday, I never took pictures of them after they were done. Some small quilts that have surface designed fabrics from an earlier session. The wavy lines are on fabric I monoprinted with gelatine plates ala Rayna Gilman

Mental health day

Last week I gave myself a little break from all the crazy stuff and painted and discharged fabric---vice versa really. I liked a couple of the pieces so much I made an art quilt the next day. I will post photos of that when it is bound. The photos in this post are from my yard. The table is one of those folding guys from Costco up on bed risers. It's the perfect height this way. My next post will have photos of the fabrics after they were fixed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chaos STILL reigning at 324 N. Willett

Life is continuing to be turned upside down everyday nearly, a crazy story for much later posting.
Work has become managable and the weather sometimes cooperates for a little yard work. The garden is so lush and beautiful from all the rain we've had and such a nice long spring. That is such a rare occurence here in Memphis---usually it's cold and we get some ice for winter, then a few days of really nice stuff--then BAM!! heat descends on us unrelentingly for months.
We are trying to hold out till June before we turn on the AC, trying to save this planet and some $$$$. So far there have been some uncomfortable nights (humidity is the bad guy) but things cool off for a few days and it's okay. How much longer this will last is anyone's guess, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.