Sunday, December 30, 2018

Tree redo

Some of the smaller trees in my side yard and a couple near the driveway were taken down before the roofers came. I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but it looks way different now. Lots of gardening opportunities have opened up. Thinking of camellias, but haven't decided on the color yet.

New ceiling

And a new much brighter light fixture! The drywall guys did it in one day! Of course, I've cleaned up in the sewing room since this photo was taken. It's so nice to be in there now.

My She Shed

I've been so happy living in this sweet old house for all these last few years. The neighborhood is really coming up, with the Sears building transformed into the Crosstown Concourse, mainly. Great eateries, YMCA, and the Crosstown Brewing Company, all a ten minute walk away!! My neighbors are the best, too!
   It did cross my mind for half a second to move, since property values are good right now, but the thought of finding another house in this area, sorting through all my shit, packing it, hauling it somewhere else, unpacking it......well...that seemed like less of a good idea. Then there was the partial ceiling collapse in my sewing room that reinforced the whole sorting packing horror story in my mind. If one room was that bad, doing that with an entire house would put me in the loony bin!
   New drywall on the ceiling has been installed and it's so nice, I decided to fix up other things.
    Like the roof! The last roof was put on at least 20 years ago, and was the third layer. Yes, there was a complete tear off. But it's been so worth it and it only took two and a half days.