Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Back at the machine!

For the past couple of weeks, I have had to be away from my own sewing, due to other obligations. I get very cranky when this happens.....but I finally got back in the groove. My friend, Veronica, who is a fabric sales rep, told me about a couple of companies that have some very nice designs. So, I got online and two glasses of wine later, I had ordered three pieces of extremely nice knits.
  I've been wearing leggings during the cold weather the last few years and have been searching for some printed ones, to no avail. Two of the pieces of fabric I ordered are going to be made into leggings, the first pair is already done! They fit pretty good, but might need some tweaking and definitely the second pair will have the bugs worked out. The knit tends to "grow" with wearing and I should make them a bit smaller! I'd put a photo on here, but it's on my Ipad and hasn't been transferred to here. Next time....
  The other piece of fabric is a lovely linen knit in charcoal grey, which is going to be a top of some design. It shrunk quite a bit in the wash, boo, but there's enough for something nice.
  I bought a pattern for a top that one of the Memphis Sewing Guild members recommended. I'm looking forward to getting that together as well as a couple of cute jumpers from a Japanese dress pattern book I purchased a few months ago. All summer, I wore dresses of one style or another and got so many compliments. Plus it was so much more comfortable than shorts or jeans in the incessant heat and humidity we've had.
  There's still a quilt to be finished and I've started on another art quilt. AND I have to sew a broken vase back together for the TN Craft collaborations show in February. That project will be all by hand.
  I'm certainly not lacking for entertainment.